Book Review Of You Are Born To Blossom.

You Are Born To Blossom 

By Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Arun K Tiwari

Release: Feb 2008

Genre: Self Help

Book Revoiew Of You Are Born To Blossom


There are several reasons that one should read this book, but the foremost reason is Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Sir. This Book focuses on many aspects of life be it spirituality, be it education and many more. Dr. Kalam has shown his concerns about the current education system in India. He has shown how hollow the system is and how it suppresses the individuality of the students. He has further described how the youth of India is moving in search of a job and how they are not trying to make jobs for others. This book tries to make us understand that each one of us is very special, and has some unique qualities because we are so different from each other. It also tells us, that, we should not set the goal by what people consider important, because we are the ones who know what is best for us. One should feel a responsibility towards nature, towards their own country. One should not only think about their financial growth rather they should also think about their country’s growth and contribute to save the selfless nature.

Dr. Kalam has explained that the foundation of success rests on three pillars: parents, teachers and mentors. He has explained how they are important in our lives and how sometimes we become so disrespectful towards them. He conveys the youth of this country to respect them, and at the same time he has also added that it should not mean blind obedience. A dedicated teacher is like a candle, which burns itself but gives light to others. To stuff the child with lots of information, making him pass examinations, is the most unintelligent form of education. The purpose of education should be to bring a complete transformation of the society. The inner liberty is both the means and end of education. If we force a child to fit in a particular manner then they would end up becoming a follower. However, we should encourage them to be a leader, and should allow them to take risks in their life. Education should actually be intended to assist students to become truly what they are, and not what we want to make them.

Dr. Kalam has explained that in the process of education, it is not only the student who gets benefit of it, but the teacher also experiences different talents which could be in Science, Technology or in Creativity. The brain can only become infinite if its free from conditioning. He has explained how a parent expects from their child to behave in a particular manner, how only study is important to a parent. Basically he tries to explain the actual definition of education, how the education system should be, what are basic things that should be taken into consideration which we usually neglect.

My Review:

I must say that my summary is saying a lot. I could not even stop myself to write some short summary, because I really didn’t want to miss his points. This Book shows how his vision was large and beautiful. In this book he has tried to touch each and every point of his concern. Certain quotes from legendary people have also been used in this book, which makes this book more inspiring. At some point of time, it convinces the readers to rethink upon certain things which we used to neglect. It's a book which opens our mind and inspire us to think in a different direction. It explains freedom, knowledge, meaning of education so beautifully that one has to rethink  about his building blocks.

The language used in this book is also simple and understandable. He has also shared his experiences of meeting big legendary people, how they used to think, and how their thoughts were different. He has also mentioned his teachers who played an important role in his life, and which also shows how important teaching was to him. This book teaches us a lesson that we should ever go back and thank to our teachers for their vital role in our life.

My Ratings: 5/5
You Are Born To Blossom 

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Book Review Of You Are Born To Blossom. Book Review Of You Are Born To Blossom. Reviewed by Archana Singh on March 26, 2019 Rating: 5


  1. One of my favorite books....pleased to know your insights over this...
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Loved the thought process.....keep going..🤘💪

  3. This is very inspirational book

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  6. Does anyone have a free download copy of the same?

  7. This is highly helpful book for self help...I don't have habit of book reading but by reading the beautifully written summary ....I want to read this book...Thanks Archana Singh!!

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  9. I appreciate your enthusiasm for the book and the effort you put into summarizing its contents. It sounds like the book presents a comprehensive and thought-provoking perspective on a wide range of topics. The use of quotes from notable figures can add depth and inspiration to the author's ideas. It's great to hear that the book challenges readers to rethink certain perspectives and encourages them to expand their thinking. It is always good to read a book that opens our mind and inspires us to think differently. It's good to know that the book also explains concepts such as freedom, knowledge, and the meaning of education in a beautiful and convincing way. Overall, it sounds like a valuable and insightful read.

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