Woman In The Window Book Review.

The Woman In The Window
By A.J. Finn
Release: December 2017
Genre: Thriller, Suspense

Book Review Of Woman In The Window

The Woman In The Window is a mystery thriller written by A.J Finn. This is a story of an agoraphobic(who always fear to expose herself to the outside real world) woman named Anna Fox who used to spend her all day inside her home. she lives in her big home all alone as her husband and her daughter got separated from her. After the separation its been 10 months since then she didn’t step out from her home. She Also suffer from many diseases and also she booze too much to forget her unbearable pain of separation of her daughter and husband. Anna always says that she still love her husband. She rented her basement to David who always help her in her household struggles.

She herself was a physiological doctor ,She used to interact with very few people. Her lifeline to the real world is her window ,where she sits watching her neighbors. when Russells move in and she started watching them with her Canon .Russell who just moved ,a perfect family of three(Mr. and Mrs. Russel lland their son Ethan).They are the mirror image of Anna’s life which she used to live before her separation from her husband and daughter. Ethan always remind her of Olivia(Anna’s Daughter).These struggles were just beginning and the actual game started when Anna hear scream of Mrs. Russell and when she become the witnesses of Mrs. Russell from her Window. She tried every  possible thing to uncover the truth about what really happened but unfortunately no  one believed her as everyone consider her a gone case .The situation made everyone believed because Mrs. Russel was standing just in front of her when police came for investigation.

At the same time Anna denied to accept that she is Mrs. Russell because according to her that morning only she met Mrs. Russell and they spent 2.30 hrs. in Anna’s House , Discussing about their lives, about Ethan .In fact she has one pendent in which she has Ethan’s picture in it which she showed to Anna. If Anna is not self making the things ,if she is not lying then the question is who is real Mrs. Russell ,the one who is standing just in front of police or the one who got killed. A Strange thing police got to know about Anna that her husband and her daughter were died 10 months ago whom she used say that she is separated and they lives somewhere else also she used to tell people that she always talks with them in phone daily.

If this is true then it is hard to believe Anna as real Russell was alive ,Ethan also admits that she is her real mother. Is Anna is self making the things or really she saw something and if at all she saw something then she is going to prove this.

My Review:

This book is really a roller  coaster but initially it was very slow as story gets started after reading 116 pages which tested my patient level and of course the font is also very small but if I neglect these two negative point ,I found this book worth reading .Very beautifully described the condition of a woman who lives alone ,how pathetic her life become after she saw the murder. How she used to badly miss her family. The end was so unpredictable ,loads of suspense .The book holds the readers till the end in spite of its slow start. At one point I believed that Anna has seen something but after reading few more lines I started believe that she might suffer from some sort of disease which made her to see unreal things ,I mean some sort of disorder as it was so convincing. Each character in the story has something important to play.The Book is not centric to only one character .I really liked the ending very much. Lots of twist and turns .I have experienced really I good mystery thriller.

 My Ratings: 4/5

Woman In The Window Book Review.  Woman In The Window Book Review. Reviewed by Archana Singh on April 02, 2019 Rating: 5


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  2. The intricate plot and complex characters in "The Woman In The Window" promise a gripping read. Anna's struggle and Invisible Text quest for truth amidst her own challenges make for a compelling narrative. Thanks for sharing the synopsis.


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