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Bring Me Back

Bring me Back

By B. A. Paris

Publisher: HQ

Release: Mar 2018

Genre: Thriller

Summary of "Bring Me Back"

Bring Me Back is all about suspense, thrill and mystery which is written by B A Paris.
Basically, the story revolves around three main characters viz. Finn, Layla and Ellen(Layla's sister)  and set of Russian Dolls which are very close to both Layla and Ellen. Finn's beloved Layla is missing since last 12 years and in these years many things have changed. Finn started dating Ellen and fell in love as she resembles Layla. Since Layla was missing from last 12 years, it was declared that Layla was dead. All of a sudden, Thomas, who was the neighbor of Layla and Finn when they used to live in cottage in St. Mary, claimed that he had seen Layla. From this point, the actual story begins.

My Review for "Bring Me Back"

Twelve years back, one night, Layla and Finn were returning from their holiday, and Finn had to stop their vehicle in a gas station to use their toilet. Layla was in the car and waiting for Finn to come. When Finn returned, he found Layla missing from the car. He first thought that she might have gone to washroom, but she was neither in washroom nor nearby. He searched her but could not find any clue. He even took help of the local police, but could not get her back. Eventually the time passed and Finn started to move on and started dating Layla's sister Ellen, who was very much different from Layla in terms of physique, nature and behavior.

He started to live happily in their world but then they heard the news from Tony, a local Police, who was helping Finn 12 years back in finding Layla. Tony called Finn and told him that his neighbor, Thomas who was at his 90's, saw Layla. Finn ignored the incidence saying he might had mistaken as he was 93 then.

Finn's started to doubt when Ellen told him that she saw Layla with the same red hairs that she used to had. After few days, Finn started to find the Russian dolls anonymously, following which his doubt changed into confidence that Layla was alive. Finn also used to get mails from Rudolf.Hill, who pretended to be Layla.

Finn started to doubt each and every person whom he knew. Firstly his doubt was on his ex-girlfriend, Ruby, who used to wear a dolphin pendant which was coincidentally matching with Rudolf(Ruby and Dolphin). Likewise he used to doubt every one, be it his neighbor or his best friend. But, when the mails started to come frequently, revealing all the secrets which Layla and Finn used to share, it made him to strongly believe that the sender was no one other than Layla. Finn started to get into depression and insomnia thinking how everything was changed by that time. He had already proposed Ellen and soon they were getting married. Finn started to think, what if Layla came into picture and wanted to come back in his life, it could lead him to a difficult situation to chose Layla or her sister, Ellen. He was in a dilemma thinking how could he leave Ellen, who supported him in his worst days or how could he leave Layla, the one whom once he was madly in love with.

One day a mail came from Rudolf.hill again, asking Finn to let Ellen know that Layla was alive and to get rid off of Ellen or else she would tell Ellen that she was back and it was high time for Ellen to leave Finn, as according to Layla, Finn's real love(Layla) had come back. Finn was given 10 days to tell the truth to Ellen following which Layla would tell it herself. Finn used to had different thoughts for different person in these 10 days. Each day his suspect was changing and so much of suspense had happened in these 10 days. Meanwhile, Ellen was pressurizing Finn to tell the truth to the Police that she had seen Layla. So many things were going on his mind. He thought every possible ways to find out whether the sender was actually Layla or someone just pretending to be her.

The end of the story was more bitter and surprising than what Finn was thinking. At the end, Finn came to a conclusion that it was not Layla who was sending the mails because she never came back, rather it was none other than Ellen who was writing the mails to Finn, to know if he loved her more than Layla or not or if he still loved Layla. The story takes a turn when we came to know that it was neither Ellen who was writing the mails, nor his best friends or Ruby. Then who was he/she pretending to be Layla and why was he/she doing so . . .

Once you read this book, you will get to know the answer, but according to me, the book is very interesting as it keeps the suspense till the end. It shows all the mysteries, traps at the end and what actually happened at that night. Was Layla actually alive or not? The book is very well written by Sophie as the English used is very easy to understand. One can easily understand the context. She has described each and every minute details about the situation and events. Overall, it is a very nice book written by her.

My Ratings: 4/5
Bring Me Back 
(Because of the descriptive story line)

Book Review Of Bring Me Back Book Review Of Bring Me Back Reviewed by Archana Singh on February 11, 2019 Rating: 5


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