Book Review Of The President Is Missing By Bill Clinton and James Patterson.

The President Is Missing by Bill Clinton and James Patterson

Release: June 2018

Genre: Thriller
The President Is Missing

Summary Of The President Is Missing
The President Is Missing is a political Thriller by former US President bill Clinton and novelist James Patterson. The is a story of US President John Duncan who is in a mission to kill world’s most dangerous terrorist name Suliman Cindoruk who was the leader of Son Of Jihad. The story tell how a President has to compromise his health and does his duty towards his nation. How the President deals with the most crucial time for America. How he found out the disloyal person in his own committee.

The President was accused to protect the leader of terrorist Suliman as he got the opportunity to kill the terrorist but he didn’t killed and send a small piece of Army to Protect Him. In this Mission one mother has lost his 19 year old son .Because of this step the whole United states gets United against their own President. A commission committee was organized for this accuse .This book shows the strength of President when everyone is against him and trying to prove himself in each and every step.

President Buys time to prove himself from the Speaker of the committed. Somewhere the Speaker Trusted and given a certain amount of time to prove himself. It describes his special mission with his special force officer in a certain anonymous place and as no one knows where the president is ,The News spreaded out that The President Is Missing.The President came to know that The United States is in Big Danger as a Cyberattack has been planned by Suliman in which Viruses which will wipe all the data from each and every system as it is spread each and every computer system in US which has worse impact in each sector be it hospital, medical or bank because now a days we are so dependent on these datas. A Lady named Nina who used to work with Suliman made this Virus with the help of one more Guy Augie given this information to President because she realized that many innocent people will be the victim.

In an Incident Nina is killed by Suliman as he came to know that she has disclosed about the virus to President but Augie Succeeded to save himself but President caught him and now he tries to interrogate about their Mission. How they have implemented the viruses to all the distributed system. Tries to how to stop the impact of this Virus. How adverse it could be. Meanwhile he came to know that someone from his team helping Suliman(Terrorist).He stated to find out who is cheating with United States. he formed a highly confidential  committee who is going to deal with the Virus Since from the past 24 hrs a tach team was assigned to hack the Virus and delete it for forever,Augie was also a part of this tech team ,He was helping that team to find out the Virus and then kill it.But that was made so so advanced by Nina that even best cyber experts even Augie was unable to locate the Virus but Later on with help of Augie and of course the idea of Mr. President Worked and finally they are now able to delete the Virus  and once again The President gained the trust of citizen again.

My Review For The President Is Missing
This story has a every element that a Thriller story should successfully describe the emergency of time and successfully shows the devotion of a President towards his nation, how he is ready to comprise anything to save his country. It Keeps creating a sense of Suspense and thrill as one by one big events were happening. The suspense builds in the story but in the believable way as we feel like we are right there in the moment with them. This story shows potential of both the side and hence it also shows finding the solution is also not easy. This book did very good job in switching their character. It has short personal description and background  for each character. Apart From this there are a lot of women characters which diversifies the story which I liked .It shows not only the President’s point of view but also shows other characters point of view as well.

But the length of the book I found is lengthy to be read out though it depend upon someone’s reading capacity but personally I found this book to be a lengthy. Also found a bit problems with the narrations as well as there as too many characters ,switching of the characters was good but sometimes it was confusing also I found that the story is limited to the mission only ,they didn’t explain the situation in citizen’s point of view ,what was the situation when the News Spread that THE PRESIDENT IS MISSING. This is the most terrifying news that a citizens of any nation would ever heard. The would probably the  situation of emergency. The Ending was also predictable according to me or at least I had predicted that who is the one from his team who betrayed him and his/her nation. The length of the speech given by President could be shorten ,it was 7-8 pages at the end .

But Overall My experience was good while reading this thriller.

My Rating For The President Is Missing: 3/5

Book Review Of The President Is Missing By Bill Clinton and James Patterson. Book Review Of The President Is Missing By Bill Clinton and James Patterson. Reviewed by Archana Singh on February 24, 2019 Rating: 5

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