Book Review Of The Hunting Party

The Hunting Party
By Lucy Foley.

Release: 24th Jan 2019.

Genre: Mystery

The Hunting Party


Welcome Back Readers!
It’s a spoiler free review of The Hunting Party but in a detailed manner so that you will get an idea whether you should go for this book or not. So let’s begin with my take on this book.

  • Characterization: A group of nine old friends decided to celebrate new year in wilderness of Scotland. The group had four women (KATE, MIRANDA, EMMA and SAMIRA) and five men. You must be thinking why did I mention women names only ? Nothing gender biased, but its just because the story revolves around these ladies and it was really difficult for me to remember all 9 characters, so to make it easy for you guys I have mentioned the important characters, and of course there are two more important characters, HEATHER(who took in charge of guests) and DOUG(the gamekeeper of the lodge). There was one Irish couple who was sharing the lodge with them.

    • EMMA: She was the newest member and was trying very hard to mingle with the group. She was the one who had organized this party and selected the venue. According to her, despite of all trial she always fails to be the part of this group. Later on, she got married to MARK (an old member of this group).

    • MIRANDA: Miranda was the most popular and beautiful girl in that group, which she used to feel very proud of. She always enjoys party. She also had a stalker and she used to feel very proud of this as well, as this often happens to a celebrity, actresses, and singers. She always used to bring this topic as a piece of dinner party to get attention from others. After few years, she got married to JULIEN (he was also part of group).

    • KATIE: Katie was a very introvert kind of woman. She used to talk very little and Miranda always used to pretend that she was her bestie, but according to KATIE that wasn’t true. According to her, Miranda always used to put her down. Katie is still single but a very successful lawyer.

    • SAMIRA: Samira at her school days was a very fun loving girl. At every party she used to dance a lot, was full of life but now she got married and has a little baby. As she is now mother of a baby she has become a responsible mother and her priorities have changed over the period of time.

  • Loch Corrin: It was the lodge where they stayed. Lodge was the big glass construction designed by a top architect. Lodge was in the remote wilderness of Scotland, where no human civilization could be seen, even food was used to be imported from city. 

  • Highlight of the story: At the very beginning of the story, a body was found by Doug .The story moves to and fro from past days to present days.
    • Past Days: When they reached, the lodge was way far from the station. No one had expected this much isolation from human civilization. When they reached the lodge, they found only two staff, a lady who takes care of the guests and the gamekeeper. It was quite weird to accept why and how those two were even surviving, what was the reason of their helplessness? Anyways, they were on New Year celebration, so they didn’t bother much on it. All were on a party mood. EMMA was trying hard to make everyone happy. Two days before 1st of Jan, when everyone was enjoying drinks and food, MARK (Husband of EMMA) took MIRANDA aside and told her that he knew one very big secret of JULIEN (MIRRANDA’s Husband), but she denied to listen anything from him (Actually few days back Julien already had told her a secret that he was involved in illegal business as she always demands for branded clothes, diamonds and many other thing which he was unable to fulfill with his white money). But, was it the same secret he was talking about ? It goes on, and on 31st night MIRANDA came to know two biggest secrets of her life: 1. Her Husband was cheating on her and had an extra marital affair with one of her friend. 2. The stalker who always used to stalk her, was one of those friend. But, now the question is why her own friend would stalk her? And with whom her husband had a relationship with? Would Miranda be able to take all of this at one go? Was Miranda a murderer?

    • Present Days: Due to bad weather police could not come, but since the murderer could be anyone, it could be Heather or Doug, so everyone was suspect. 

My Review:

The Hunting Party is a modern version of the ancient "locked room" mystery trope. Written in a haunting atmospheric style. It starts with an unknown dead body and we were left till end with the suspense that who got killed and who had killed. The scenic wilderness has also helped the story to boost up readers interest, but up to a certain extent. I wish all the characters were connected more. I found the narration was a bit slower in some parts. Let’s discuss my take on this story.

What all things I liked about the book
  • The place has given an add on to this story. It sounded pretty much awesome for most of the part.
  • From the beginning till the end, the murderer and even the victim has not been revealed which hold the readers till the end.
  • First half is quite like a roller coaster, but second half is very much predictable.

What all things I disliked about it
  • First of all, the characters are too many so it was really very difficult for me to remember each one of them, and also characters are much like each other.
  • When the murderer’s motive is revealed it seemed too weird to take it seriously.
  • Story was very predictable as all the main characters are narrating their stories, and even the chapter names are also based on their names. I was not surprised when the victim and the villain got revealed.
  • One Iceland couple was also there in the story, but they could have used wisely.
  • Story heading states that everyone was a suspect, but sorry to say that when you would read it, you would at least know that not everyone was a suspect

Reason to read it
  •            Honestly speaking if you are a beginner and haven’t read these sort of books, then you may go for it, there is a change that you might not be able to predict its ending, but those who love suspense like me will get disappointment from it.

Any Reason to skip it
  •        If you are looking for a nail biting thriller with lots of suspense, then you should not go for it because I didn’t find it as thriller.

My Ratings: 
I would like to rate 3 out of 5 stars for this book.

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