Book Review of SuperCop of ARYAVRAT

Number of Pages: 285
Publish Date: 2019

Genre: Historical Fiction.

Book Review of SuperCop of ARYAVRAT


Welcome back my readers!

SuperCop of Aryavrat – The title given to this book makes it more unique. Those who doesn’t know about Aryavrat, "Aryavarta" or "Āryāvarta" is the ancient name of India. Aryavarta refers to the Land of Aryas which means the land of Noble People.

The title of this book made me curious to find out who has been called as "Supercop of Aryavrat" and the reason behind it. In my childhood days, I had read about Mahabharata, but what made this book different? One more reason that I read this book was that I wanted to read a Historical Fiction from a long time.

Now coming back to the book, SuperCop is the life story of Shri Krishna, told from Krishna’s perspective who was closely involved in the Kurukshetra War. Book describes each phase of Krishna’s life, from His childhood days to the day when He died. Very few people know how Krishna died and what happened after the war. Was Krishna blamed for the war between the two groups of cousin? Why Krishna had been cursed by Gandhari ?

You will get all the answers once you read SuperCop of Aryavrat.

My Review:

If you are aware of Mahabharata then you might know this is the longest poem ever written but in this book you will get a chance to read Krishna’s childhood as well as every major event that has discussed in Mahabharata in merely 256 pages. Author’s narrating style is very good. In Mahabharata, there were so many characters and it’s really hard to know the relations among all, but in this book author has very clearly mentioned the relationships among themselves. Also, I didn’t get confused about who was saying what, usually this happens where there are too many characters.

The book can be easily understood by a person even who doesn’t know its history. Few improvisations has been done which gives an add on flavor to the book, like how Putana rakshasi got killed and many more interesting stories are there.

This book also includes story of how Narakasura got killed by Krishna to save the dignity of women and how Krishna got married to 16000 women. This book also has that popular story about Arjuna and Duryodhana, and how Arjun had chosen Krishna over Dwarka’s entire army. It also has a glimpse of Radha-Krishna’s immortal divine love story. How they met and why did they get separated? How Krishna got married to Rani Rukmini and other eight main Rani?  

One can get all the answers in this one book.

What all things I liked about the book
  • Actually, everywhere you may find Krishna’s janam kand(birth phases) and Mahabharata, but not from the perspective of Krishna. No one has ever thought of how Krishna was feeling at the battle field, how lord managed to behave like a human being, how he was feeling after being cursed by Ghandhari even when the real culprit was someone else.
  • This book has given the fact of the existence of lord Krishna and also has given the exact date and time of His birth which makes our belief in God so strong.
  • Especially, character's and event’s description are so powerful that one can visualize it. Stories are so alive that it will hold you till the end.

What all things I disliked about it
  • Honestly speaking, it has too many characters which was very difficult for me to remember because each time I have to turn the page and go to the intro page of that character. I know this epic itself has too many characters, so it seems author couldn't do anything on this.
  • Few of the improvisations also challenged what I read in my school so sometimes I also got confused about which one to believe.

Reason to read it
  • If you want to read about Krishna’s life very closely, then this is the book for you because author has done justice to the characters and did a remarkable research work on Krishna’s life.
  • If you like historical fiction and believe in lord Krishna then you should go for it.
  • If you want to know the perspective of the person who played the vital role in the battle and later who was even cursed for that, then you should go for it.

Any Reason to skip it
  • If you don’t want to read Historical Fiction, then you may skip it.
  • If you are not ready for any improvisation in the stories what you read in your childhood days, then you may skip this.

My Ratings: According to me it’s a really nice and informative book to read about our ancestors, so I would rate it as 4 out of 5.

Last but not the least 

Krishna was is the SuperCop of Aryavrat.
Jai Shree Krishna!!!

Book Review of SuperCop of ARYAVRAT Book Review of SuperCop of ARYAVRAT Reviewed by Archana Singh on September 23, 2019 Rating: 5


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