Book Review of The EasyLand By Brajesh Chikharam.

The EasyLand
Number of Pages: 76
Publish Date: 24th July 2017
Genre: Fiction.

Book Review of The EasyLand : Without Money Land


Welcome back Readers!

It’s a story of "EasyLand" which is an advanced copy of Earth, blessed with satisfactory. People from earth got migrated there and live their life happily. EasyLand is a unique land where people don’t use money. EasyLand’s citizens uses benefit points as currency to fulfill their needs and to get all the luxuries. To become rich, citizens have to earn benefit points. All the basic needs, like good home, healthy food, good clothes, education, a vehicle, these all are being taken care by Government. Till the age of 16 children can use their parent’s share, but after that they will get their own card to collect their own points.
So, the whole Story is on "no money" concept. It also emphasizes on the equality in terms of wealth. Rich are rich only because of their good work. If someone does good work for the society and for EasyLand, then only he would be able to upgrade his status, even if their parents are very rich.

My Review:

It would be my shortest review ever but can't help due to its length and I didn't want to write each and every thing here.

I liked the concept very much, like how people from earth went to EasyLand which is itself the advanced version of earth. The book has been divided into 14 chapters, and in these 14 chapters author has beautifully explained everything about EasyLand but in very few words. He has tried to show the impact of equality on everyone’s life.

Honestly speaking, I liked the concept but the thing which I felt missing was that it only showed the positive side but didn’t discuss about the negative ones, because I believe each coin has two sides and he should have better shown the both sides.

What all things I liked about the book

  • It’s a very thin book, hardly contains 70-80 pages so it’s very easy to finish it up.
  • I liked it’s idea of equality that wealth should be divided equally even if someone’s parents are rich, he or she has to work hard to become wealthy.

What all things I disliked about it

  • As I discussed earlier that every coin has two sides but the book has shown only one side. It should have talked about the negative impact as well.
  • At the end, it has few printing mistakes which made me confused as the mistake was with the names, so at the end it was very difficult to get who is saying to whom.

Reason to read it

  • If you have less time in your hand and want to finish a book in an hour or so then this would be a perfect go for you.

Any Reason to skip it
  • If you are expecting to get a balanced vision of this concept then I would suggest you would be disappointed.
  • Without money idea is good, but nothing new has been added to it.  

My RatingsI would rate it as 3 out of 5, extra .5 for its less no. of pages.

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Book Review of The EasyLand By Brajesh Chikharam. Book Review of The EasyLand By Brajesh Chikharam. Reviewed by Archana Singh on September 29, 2019 Rating: 5

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