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I am very thankful to Ankita, author of “The Smart Balance” for sharing her views with us.

Before moving to the interview section, I would like to share my experience of reading her very own book i.e. The Smart Balance. The book is included in the list of best reads in 2019. I so enjoyed the book, it is very relatable to my life. In fact, it would be relatable to most of us.

It is one of the highly recommended book. if you want  to read my full review then please click on the link below.

Full Review of The Smart Balance

Now let’s read her point of view about writing, who inspired her to write on this topic, will get many more answers from her.

MYBOOKTOURS:  Tell us about yourself.

Ankita:  I am essentially an HR professional turned into a behavioral trainer and facilitator. Most of my programs focus upon personal development and growth. I truly believe that continuous emotional, intellectual and social development is a human need and that we all have desire to grow. With this belief, I started my company Morfosis, which aims at creating a positive impact in people from all walks of life, be it personal, social or professional. We want everyone to keep growing and live happily and purposefully!

Ankita Aurora (The Smart Balance)

MYBOOKTOURS: Why did you choose writing and who inspires you to write?

Ankita: Honestly, I never thought writing was my skill or forte. But it was my desire to spread awareness about the digital and the real world that made me write to eventually spread my word and thoughts around. The subject is so close to my heart and intent so strong to bring a balance in lives of people struggling between the worlds, that I tried my hand at writing.

MYBOOKTOURS:  How much time did you take to write “The Smart Balance”?

Ankita: I have been doing workshops and programs for parents, kids and corporates on Digital Wellbeing for four years now. Since then the seed to write a book on this subject was sown, but it was only in the last 7-8 months, that the book was finally given a shape.

MYBOOKTOURS: What all suggestions would you give to them who want to make their career in writing?

Ankita: Well, like I said, to me the intention to spread my thoughts and help people around was the biggest driver. So maybe to have a clear idea as to what is the motive behind writing a book and identifying what outcome does the writer want from it should be well thought upon when someone decides to write the book. Rest will take its flow.

Ankita Aurora (The Smart Balance)

MYBOOKTOURS: Tell us about your book which you have written recently?

Ankita: My recent book is titled ‘The Smart Balance.’

Technology, which was supposed to make our lives easier and comfortable, is proving to be the biggest driver of stress, loneliness, weakened brainpower, and behavioral addiction. We may have all the information at our finger touch, but we are failing to lead a happier life.

This book shows a mirror to our lives in the digital world and explains unimaginable ways technology is changing and affecting our lives. Furthermore, it explores methods for better tech management and principles to build a better structure for a happier and healthier life. It helps in finding the right balance between the real and the virtual world, the offline and the online space.

MYBOOKTOURS: What all challenges did you face when you were writing first novel?

Ankita: Writing requires a specific discipline, and you pick up momentum as you write more and more. For me personally, various life situations, and work commitments often broke this momentum and messed up with my writing routine. It was only in the last few months, when I made writing the book and finishing it a priority, that the flow was attained.

MYBOOKTOURS: Which is your favorite book and who is your favorite author?

Ankita: I mostly read non-fiction, self help books. I follow the works of Robin Sharma, Tony Robbins, Shawn Achor etc. I just finished a long pending book on my list, ‘The Courage to be Disliked’by Ichiro Kishimi and really liked it.

MYBOOKTOURS: Any project that you are currently working on?

Ankita: There are more books that I will be working on in the future, primarily on the subjects of Happiness, Sports & leadership etc. In the near future, I am focusing on planning digital detox retreats and Digital Wellbeing workshops for schools and corporates.

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