Interview with Articulate Author : Abishek Babu

Recently I read  a book "The Unknown Conspiracy" written by Abhishek Babu and was really amazed by the fact that at this early age he has completed his book and become an author. I really wanted to congratulate him for his achievement.
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While Looking into his journey, I found it very inspirational on how he completed his book in hostel.

Abishek Babu Interview

So, lets hear Abishesk about his thought and his transition from a Student to Author.

MyBookTours: Tell us about yourself.
Abishek:  My name is Abishek Babu. A certified civil Engineer from Tamil nadu. I love stories! May it be books or movies or TV, I love them. The story should follow their own logic. I believe that even complex story can be told in an understanding way if one knows the art of storytelling and story sequencing.

MyBookTours: Why did you choose writing and who inspires you to write?

Abishek:  I started to read books when I was in college. I read some typical Indian novels (most of them were romances except immortals of meluha). Then I went to read some sidney sheldon, Dan Brown, JK Rowling, Stephen King, George RR Martin. I felt that Indian literature needs to up their game in storytelling. I decided to write one story for fun, but this story slowly consumed me and I have written 350+ pages before I know it.

MyBookTours: How much time did you take to write “The Unknown Conspiracy”?

Abishek: I started this book in early 2016 and finished it in late 2017. Then it was dusted off for editing one final time in late 2018 to early 2019.

MyBookTours: What all suggestions would you give to them who want to make their career in writing?

Abishek: Please don't! You can't pursue a career in writing that easily. A debutant author will face a lot of depressing moments and if you don't have a backup job, then you will never survive. Have a backup job and use a small part of that salary to support your writing. Once you find yourself in the spotlight (that is when people expecting to buy your book on the day of its release) you can quit your job and be successful.

MyBookTours: Tell us about your book which you have written recently?

Abishek: We have a lot of rewriting of a story. Some reimagining of a story. I wanted to write a story inspired from history and modern science. I wished to write something new. I wanted to create a world and keep a reader base that fights over many theories of their own about the story and characters. I started with the creation of a new world. Gave it history and geographical complexities. Created characters inspired from stories and history. And finally, the world of Feower was born.

MyBookTours: What all challenges did you face when you were writing first novel?

Abishek: I was in my college when I started to write this novel. So the main challenges were to concentrate on my studies. And because of the fact that I need to study, I couldn't spend much time in writing. And even after college, I went to a job where I need to work for 12 hrs and thus my writing time is still facing challenges.

MyBookTours: Which is your favorite book and who is your favorite author?

Abishek: This one will be a difficult one. I have a favorite book in each genre.
Thriller - And then there were none by Agatha Christie and The Da Vince code by Dan Brown.
Horror - The shining by Stephen King.
Fantasy - The lord of the rings series by JRR Tolkien and The Harry Potter series by JK Rowling.
Historical fiction - A song of ice and fire by George RR Martin.
And I guess these authors that are mentioned above kind of inspires me to write.

MyBookTours: Any project that you are currently working on?

Abishek: Yes!
Professional life - I'm a site Engineer that provides Project Management Consultant services for construction. I work at Archetype Engineering and Industrial Pvt Ltd. Now I'm stationed at Episilon carbon private limited, near Toranagallu, Ballari, Karnataka.

Personal life - This book is the first part of a huge installment. And I've started the second book. It will take upto 10 months for me to write it and then it'll go in editing. Fingers crossed!

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