Book Review - A Journey in Search of Happiness: Get Inspired to Live a Meaningful Life

A Journey in Search of Happiness: Get Inspired to Live a Meaningful Life.
By Ramya R. Moorthy
Release: 2019.
Genre: Self Help.

No. of Pages: 179

Welcome Back Readers and A Very Happy New Year to you all !

I must say, that it really feels awesome when you complete back to back good reads at the year end. First "the smart balance", which was an eye opener and a very new concept that the author talked about. You can read my full review by clicking on the link Full Review of The Smart Balance, and then the second one "A Journey in Search of Happiness"

A Journey in Search of Happiness


A Journey in Search of Happiness is a great lesson to the readers who get confused between happiness and success. It gives a clear picture about the differences exist between the both terms having a thin-line difference.

Basically, it is a story of a strong headed mother, Shivani, who lives in Bangalore with her family. Shivani’s family was a very happy family until and unless, they had to face an unpleasant incident that had happened to her daughter (Anila), who lost ears along with her all happiness, which was gone with her ears and because of this incident, Shivani realized that her daughter got too scared of living a normal life as she started differentiating herself from others, who have been leading their life normally.Here the challenge begins for Shivani to bring her back to a normal life as she was going through the times that scare her to live normally.

I truly believe in this quote because life gives chance to those only who has a deep strength and courage to bear all the pain. So, be proud of yourself that you have been chosen among all. Anila refused to go to her school as her friends made fun of her disability. She stopped laughing and started to stay alone in her room.

Looking into Anila's situation, Shivani decided to bring her daughter back into a normal life, and in order to do that she planned a holiday trip for the whole family.

During their vacation, Shivani showed a different picture to her daughter about the life. She described her that the Almighty had found something special in her and that was why He had gifted her those tough times because "Hard things are put in our way, not to stop us, but to call out our courage and strength".

She further explained her how each of us is unique among all and that the creator has gifted each one of us a unique talent, which makes us different from others. One just needs to recognize it.

Shivani has touched every aspects of life and explained what real happiness is all about and how it is being misunderstood by most of us. She tried every possible way to make her understand, to bring her back into a normal life.

But the question is, Will Anila be able to bring courage? Will she understand the importance of a positive attitude? If at all yes, then what all lessons her mother taught her that made her to lead a normal life?

My Review:

As I have said earlier in this article that it’s a back to back good read for me. It touched my heart because Shivani resembles with my mother, always supportive and a strong headed personality. In my family, my mum is the bravest among all. I so loved the book that after finishing this book, I, all of a sudden and with no reason, called up my mother. So, this is the emotional part that book could successfully build into a readers’ mind, as it did to me as well.

As far as the writing and story is concerned, I really loved the storyline and it could be someone’s real life story as well. It is so realistic and so relatable.

The most beautiful part is that there were two stories going on, first, the daughter's story who was facing the bitter side of her life and second, her mother who had already faced the same side. However, despite all the challenges, she again stood up and applied all her experiences that she gained from her past-life. She tried her best to make her daughter understand that Parents can't be with their children all the time, but, I strongly believe that their knowledge, their lessons and experiences, which they share with us, do stay with us forever because at each and every time, you have to be your own hero.

What all things I liked about the book

  • The main reason that it touched my heart is that this book has shown the power of a mother, the one who can do anything for her child.
  • The parallel story of a mother's past struggle and a daughter's current struggle.
  • I also like Shivani's husband's character which showed how supportive husband and father he was.
  • And, yes of course, even being a self help, it requires very less effort to complete.

What all things I disliked about it
  • The only thing that I had disliked about it was that initially it was a bit priced as I had paid 349 INR for 179 pages. However, the latest price on Amazon is 222 INR which is quite reasonable.

Reason to read it
  • If you want to realize the extent that a mother can go for the betterment and welfare of her child/children, then do read "A Journey in Search of Happiness", this would meet your realization.

Any Reason to skip it
  • I didn't find any reason to skip it. I can't even say that this book being a self-help and if you are newbie in reading then you may skip, because this book has only 179 pages with a really inspiring story.

My Ratings:
I would like to rate 5 out of 5 stars.

Book Review - A Journey in Search of Happiness: Get Inspired to Live a Meaningful Life Book Review - A Journey in Search of Happiness: Get Inspired to Live a Meaningful Life Reviewed by Archana Singh on January 04, 2020 Rating: 5

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