Book Review - The Girl with Golden Thoughts

The Girl with Golden Thoughts(Hindi)
By Ashutosh Jogia
Release: 2019
Genre: Fiction

The Girl with Golden Heart


The book "The Girl with Golden Thoughts" has been written in Hindi, but I was confused with the title given to the book. I mean, author could have given some Hindi title or he could have translated the same title into Hindi, but after reading this book, I got the reason behind it.

This is a story of three friends Alisha, Vyom and Bhaskar. Alisha was a very beautiful girl whereas Vyom was a playboy and Bhaskar was little introvert and used to find it very difficult when he had to talk to a girl.

All of them studied in IIT Delhi and belonged to rich families and so they decided to join their family businesses. During their studies, Vyom and Alisha fell in love with each other but Bhaskar remained single, so Alisha decided to find a girl for Bhaskar.

After completion of their studies, they planned a trip to Shimla for vacation. They met Nirjara there, a very clever reporter, and Bhaskar used to like her. Since Bhaskar couldn't get enough courage to talk to Nirjara, he approached Vyom to help him out.

As per the plan, Vyom started showing interest in Nirjara and she too started showing interest in him. Day by day Vyom was getting closer to Nirjara which was becoming a big concern for Alisha.

One day, both Bhaskar and Vyom decided to tell Nirjara about the truth so that Nirjara would breakup with Vyom where in Bhaskar would come into picture to support her emotionally and this way he could win Nirjara's heart.

But, nothing happened as per their plan as Nirjara insulted Bhaskar since he was Vyom's best friend so how could she trust him as well. She refused Bhaskar's support and this was how they failed miserably.

Once Alisha got to know all such things, she decided to help her friend and she made another powerful plan and this time the plan was far better than Bhaskar's plan, but as everyone knows about the saying that if you want something then you must lose something first, and in this case he risked his friendship with Vyom.

Earlier he was not ready with the plan, but later on he agreed to do that and from here the main story started with so many questions like whether Bhaskar would be able to impress Nirjara? Whether their friendship remained as it forever? Whether Nirjara could ever forgive Vyom? What revenge Nirjara would take from Vyom?

To find answers for all these questions, you will have to read the whole book, but before buying, please check my review for this book.

My Review:

"The Girl with Golden Thoughts" will give you an essence of suspense with friendship. I really liked the story plot and I hat off to the author's imaginations. The best part of the story is its sequential events which will force you to think each time in a different direction. After certain events you would start thinking that Alisha and Nirjara had shaken their hands, but after sometimes you may end up believing that Bhaskar might be bluffing with Alisha and Vyom, or Vyom would cheat Alisha for Nirjara. So, these kind of questions may arise in your mind which is because of the storyline and the way it is conveyed so wisely.

All the characters have equal contribution to the story, be it anyone. I really liked its realistic ending unlike typical bollywood movies.

The strength of this book is its story. Initially the story moves in different directions, but at the end it merges into one and this way it holds its readers till the end. At the end of this book, a very strong and good message has also been conveyed to the society which was like a cherry on the top of the cake.

What all things I liked about the book:

  • As I have already discussed, its storyline.
  • It contains a very nice message at the end.
  • Language used in the book was very easy, author has used all common English word which use in general during any conversation which is also a plus point, but I found it a negative point as well(will discuss later).
  • Though the title was very unclear to me at first, but author has made it very clear in the book that why he had to use this kind of title.

What all things I disliked about it:

  • Some editing mistakes exists, like towards end Alisha was misprinted as Nirjara which was creating confusions while reading, though it was getting cleared in the next para, but it did create confusions.

  • Whenever I take a book for reading, I always look forward to learn something new and the same was for this book as well. i was expecting lesser known Hind words in it, but maybe author wanted to make it user friendly and probably this might be the reason that he has used English words like complete, Casanova as it is instead of its Hindi versions.

Reasons to read it:

  • If you like happy but realistic ending unlike masal movies, then go for it. You will surely gonna like it.
  • You may read it because of its strong storyline, it won't disappoint you and will bind you till the end.
  • If you are thinking to start reading Hindi novels, then you may choose "The Girl with Golden Thoughts".

Any reason to skip it:

If you are a very vivid Hindi novel reader, then you might get disappointed by the fact that general English words have been used mostly, but if you can keep this aside then you will surely enjoy the read.

My Ratings:
I would like to rate 4.5 out of 5 stars for this book.
Reducing 0.5 just for the fact that common English words have been used in it otherwise it was a great read for me.

Book Review - The Girl with Golden Thoughts Book Review - The Girl with Golden Thoughts Reviewed by Archana Singh on February 09, 2020 Rating: 5

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