Book Review of A Tale of Renascence

Tale of Renascence

Release: 2022.
Genre: Fiction, Romance.

No. of Pages: 395

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A Tale of Renascence is a story about a guy named Adam, who feels something weird and strange about particular events that he can't figure out until he meets Dr. Aspinova for a past-life regression therapy. There he got to know the reason for his sleepless nights and his fondness towards stars and the universe. In that past-life regression therapy, he went back to 1836 where the story mainly revolves around him and his beloved. In his previous life, he was Augustus, a 28-year-old young man whose father left him and his mother when he was only 13. This heart-breaking incident badly impacted his mantle frame and made him spectacle about love and marriage until he met Roselyn, the daughter of the richest textile merchant.

Both fell in love with each other despite their differences in terms of social status. Initially, both were reluctant but later on both accepted each other. But as we know every story has a villain so this one too has the same, who tries to ruin their lives.

Whether their lives get ruined, who is the villain, and why is he trying to separate them? All such questions striking into the reader's mind will be answered by a twist at the end of the story, which will make you eager to read the next sequel.

My Review:

The book is actually a good read if you really like fantasy and love stories. It will give you a sense of happiness at the end so I loved the ending. But at some points, I felt lost as the main story started a bit late. Despite this, the storyline seems very engaging to the readers.

What all the things I liked about the book

  • Love stories are one of the genres which I cherish.
  • The language used in the book is very simple to understand.
  • The book holds the readers till the end despite its slow start.
  • Sad ending but still you will feel happy about something which can be understood when you read it.
What all the things I disliked about it
  • As I earlier discussed, the start of the main story was very late as I had to read 103 pages and I felt a little bored.
  • Also I found a lack of some uniqueness which I was expecting, this may be because love stories are one of my favourite genres.
Reason to read it
There is a twist at the end which is the most interesting part and this one is a decent read for those who like love stories.

Any Reason to skip it

Honestly one can go for it and the only reason to skip is if you don't go well with love or romantic type Novels.

My Ratings:

Book Review of A Tale of Renascence Book Review of A  Tale  of  Renascence Reviewed by Archana Singh on November 13, 2023 Rating: 5

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