Book Review of The Life of Plants in a Changing Environment

The Life of Plants in a Changing Environment

Release: 2022.
Genre: Environmental Awareness.

No. of Pages: 257

Welcome Back, Readers!


This is the first time I read this genre. Although I wanted to read it before, but, I could get the opportunity only when the Author of this book approached me for a review. Regardless to say that my review is unbiased and honest.

This book tells us about how Climate Change is responsible for the changes in bioactive constituents of plants. It also explains the secondary metabolism of the plants.

It talks about factors that affects the secondary metabolism and what are its impact in our environment. Another interesting fact that this book tells is that the factor influencing the formation of secondary metabolites is due to the interaction of insects and plants.

Furthermore, it discusses the influences of environmental stress, and abiotic stress on plant development. Each abiotic stress and its impact on plant has been addressed.

I have shorten the summary as my explanation might change the meaning. Hence, I would encourage to read the book.

My Review:

Overall its a good read for those who are little aware of the jargons of environmental Science and basic process about plants.

It has explained all the processes and mechanism which has been addressed. The language used is also very basic English and can be understood by anyone. The author has also used many diagrams wherever needed to make the things clear for the readers.

I found it a bit technical for general readers, as it has specific data and charts which sometimes makes readers to move ahead, but, it is definitely a good read for those who have a good grasp on environmental science.

What all the things I liked about the book

  • The subject on which the book has been written is a main reason to pick.
  • The language used is very easy to understand.
  • I got to know many new things about the green creatures.

What all the things I disliked about it

  • As I discussed already, I found the book is not for general read.
  • Number of pages I found a bit more for someone who is trying this genre for the first time, but again, I understand that it's a research kind of book due to which it is bound to have more number of pages.

Reason to read it

If you are pursuing any degree related to the subject, or, if you already have an idea over the subject and interested to have deep knowledge, then you should go for it.

Any Reason to skip it

If someone wants to have some general awareness about the subject then I would say go for some other book.

My Ratings:

I might not be the right person to rate this book based on the contents, as I am not that technical into this field, but, still as I have to rate it, I would rate this book 4 out of 5.


Book Review of The Life of Plants in a Changing Environment Book Review of The Life of Plants in a Changing Environment Reviewed by Archana Singh on February 13, 2024 Rating: 5

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