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The 5 A.M Club
Release: November 2018
Genre: Self Help

5am club


The 5AM Club is written by Robin Sharma. He is an amazing person as you might know that his ideas has helped business tycoons to get success in their lives. Likewise, in this book also he has suggested very useful methodologies which would help anyone to grow, not only professionally but also personally. He invested his four precious years to get this book ready. His intentions seems very clear as he is not only trying to make the methodologies available to masses but also to make us more productive, more happy and more successful in our lives. He believes that our world needs a Hero, and everyone has a unique heroism but we just have to realize it.

The 5AM Club basically revolves around four characters– The Spellbinder(who organizes a conference), a Business Tycoon, an Entrepreneur and an Artist. Both the Entrepreneur and the Artist were pissed off with their lives and were there to attend the conference. In the conference, they met the Business Tycoon, who wasn’t in a look to believe that he was a business tycoon(wearing very old clothes), but his words were way bigger than how he was looking. Somehow, he was able to convince his two new students(the Entrepreneur and the Artist) to come with him in a trip to learn some impactful methodologies and processes.

On the way to the trip, they both came to know that the person was a big Business Tycoon and owned his private jet as well. Their journey begins from here. They used to wake up at 5 AM and the tycoon, whose name was Mr. Riley, showed them the techniques he followed and with the help of which he became so successful. This technique was actually given by his Guru, The Spellbinder. Day by Day he used to teach several models and each model was so unique from the other one. Meanwhile, both fell in love with each other and also started seeing the progress among themselves. They started valuing each day, became fearless, more productive and started living in the present. Following the methodologies, models and techniques strictly at 5 AM, the Entrepreneur became a successful women in her domain and the Artist became the most celebrated painter.

My Review:

Before writing my review, I would like to give a disclaimer that this review might go long as I found this book so useful and I don’t want to miss out some important points. Also, I would like to request each one of you, whoever is reading this review, to please go and read this incredible book. This is really an extraordinary book. I have implemented the methodologies, started waking up at 5 AM, and trust me, this is working amazingly for me. It's been 20 days and I have found my self highly energized, even at End of the Day.

Now, coming back to the book, this book is a magic and anyone can experience this magic if they follow certain rules. This book is very well written and is actually a proof of hardship of Robin Sharma. All the events are so sequentially described in this book that nothing seems puzzled. He has written at the end, what exactly needs to be done during 5-6 AM, and before that, he has given so many reasons why one should wake up at 5 AM. Not only that, but he has also given so many ways that one can follow to build it as a habit. He not only tries to convince with his words, but also has used several diagrams to explain the methodologies. He has referred many scientific researches and studies to prove his points, and these points will make you to rethink about the traditional processes which we common fellow follow.

Author has also showed his worries towards the cyber craze and how we are becoming slave of this digital world day by day. He has showed how we kill our valuable time in watching useless things, which has nothing to do with our growth. He has further explained that there are so many misconceptions among us and how we are the most dangerous threat for ourselves. We use to think, that if we want to get more, we have to do more, but, it is not the case according to him. He has showed that the growth always happens when we don’t do anything, just like in exercise where we need to give some rest to our muscles so that it can grow, likewise, we should also take few breaks to grow. I also used to think, that if I want to achieve something big then I have to work really hard, but after reading this book, I am asking myself if it is worth to spend my only life like this, or I should do small but consistent change in my life to achieve something great.

Author has explained that a human body needs 7.5 hrs of sleep, and one should not compromise on that. On the other side, he has explained how oversleep could end our life early. He has shared some important principles and diagrams that one needs to follow, and I would like to share two of them which I personally started following and found very useful.

5 am club

The above picture is the 20/20/20 FORMULA

5am club

The Best thing is that the author has given his website link to help you adapt this as a habit for free.

My Ratings:-I would like to rate the 5AM club 5 out of 5.

Book Review of The 5AM Club Book Review of The 5AM Club Reviewed by Archana Singh on April 26, 2019 Rating: 5


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