Book Review Of You Are Unique

You Are Unique
By A P J Abdul Kalam
Release: March 2012
Genre: Self Help

Book Review Of You Are Unique

YOU ARE UNIQUE, is written by Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, India’s 11th President and one of the most distinguished and world acclaimed Scientist. He was awarded by Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian award. India can never forget his contribution towards Science and technology that he gave to his nation.

This book was released a way back and I couldn't get chance to read this book, and now since I have read this book, I really want to convey the messages given by him to the world. One thing that shimmers through out the book is to make this world even more beautiful, to maintain the peace everywhere, to spread happiness and prosperity. This book talks about the power of uniqueness that each one of us have. As everyone’s brain/mind works differently, each one of us have some unique creativity within us which we just have to identify. Many of us don’t even recognize how powerful their brain is.

Through this book he has encouraged to have a clear vision in our life, a desire from the heart and spirit, and the last one, is to have the defeatist tendency. Achievement is a goal with will and determination. He has requested his readers to dream as big as possible, and put dreams into the process of thinking, put thoughts into action and finally achieve your goal. He has further explained that vision helps us to look into the future, and of course without vision we cannot plan for the future. Afterwards, Vision should be translated into Mission, which will create energy to achieve the goals. According to him, for having any successful mission, we should plan to work together with foresight in a mission.

He even had the foresight of World vision 2030. A world of nations, where people live in a green and clean environment without pollution. A world of nations having prosperity without poverty. A world with creative leadership that ensures effective mechanism to resolve the conflicts between nations. A happy place spreading peace without fear of war, and to live for all humankind.

My Review:

This book has incredible messages for all of us. This gives you such a good clarity about the goals and the ways to achieve those goals. It teaches us to become selfless if we really want to achieve something good in our lives. In his every book he has discussed and raised a concern about the today’s education system ,how education system is killing the creativity of the students. He also showed the major concern for the youth, As How most of us are the job seekers ,not the job providers. If we really want India to be a developed country then this nation should have more and more entrepreneurs. And to generate such entrepreneurs, this nation has to change its education system. Entrepreneur training should be included in the curriculum itself.

For participating in the nation building task ,the following capacities are required to be developed.
·       The capacity for research or inquiry.
·       The capacity for creativity and innovation

      ·      The Capacity to use technology and also have entrepreneurial leadership.

The above is the one example that I have taken, He has taken so may real life examples to prove his points, he has also shared personal experiences of great people like Bill Gates, Swami Vivekananda, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and his colleague Scientist.

One can also experience the author’s poetic side as he has used his own poems to explain the situations very well. Some gives the essence of selflessness and some gives the essence of patriotism. I mean all his beautiful thoughts through his poems with colorful images give the best touch to it.

Below is a small glimpse of his poem, the book has many more like this

Book Review Of You Are Unique

Below is his thoughts on reading books and his book recommendations

Each chapter has been summarized at the end with some important bullet points. And the part which I like the most that he has given answers to the question he was asked. It gives such a good lesson to its reader, And I personally had a really inspiring and motivational experiences while reading this book.

My Ratings: 

I would definitely give 5 out of 5 stars 

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Book Review Of You Are Unique Book Review Of You Are Unique Reviewed by Archana Singh on May 10, 2019 Rating: 5

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