Review of The Conspiracy Unknown

The Conspiracy Unknown

Release: 2019

Genre: Historical fiction
Number of pages: 401

Summary of The Conspiracy Unknown

Welcome Back Readers!
Few days back I finished this book which is a historical fiction written by Abishek Babu. Being a history lover, I wanted to read historical fictions from quite long.

Note: It is a requested review by the author, but whatever I would be discussing will be my own honest opinion.

Before discussing about the book, I would like to congratulate the debutant author for his first book.
The conspiracy unknown, as the title suggests, is a story that talks about conspiracies, betrayals, disloyalties. The story is very much in sync with the title. The story revolves around two time periods, BCE (Before Clearance Existence) i.e. past days and ACE (After Clearance Existence) i.e. present days in the story.
Past days talk about ancient cultures, about kings and kingdoms whereas present days talk about modern age. In ancient days, conspiracies and betrayal against royal families were very common and author has tried to build up such conspiracies through his imaginations.

Being a history lover, I know the story of Mauryan Emperor and the first part resembles with Mauryans only. Rasabind Moriya resembles with Bindusara Maurya who was the son of the great Chandragupta Maurya, founder of Maurya Emperor, which resembles with the character as ragupta in the book. Likewise, many such resemblances can be found but with modifications.

The story starts with the birth of Prince Hisoka. Everyone was very happy about the news until the naming ceremony in which a group of strangers tried to attack the royal family and from here series of conspiracies came. After that mysterious event, an investigation committee was formed. Kosal and Koyal, who were twin sisters, were also a part of the investigation. These two sisters had extraordinary gifts. Kosal had an extraordinary gift of deduction, whereas Koyal had an extra ordinary gift of detection. As the investigation went deeper, layers and layers of conspiracy and disloyalty came in front of royal family and that lead to a great war.

Whereas, in present days the story revolves around Sebastian Stein and his father. Everything was going well until Sebastian was attacked by the agent of secret society who worked for a very powerful organization. Also, that organization was spread all over the world, but, fortunately he was saved by his father’s friend. Later on, Sabastian came to know that his father’s friend also used to work with the organization, and that his father got murdered by the organization only, but the question is why his father was killed and why they wanted to kill Sebastian now, and the most important question over here is what is the link between these two uncommon stories?

My Review:

Well, if you read this book, then you will not only get a flavor of love, hate, disloyalty, but trust as well. Author's world of imagination traverses from royal world to common world, power of king to helplessness of a common family, which I liked the most because both the phases are pole apart yet connected to each other.

In the first part (BCE), there were many characters and the characterization and background description were really good, but in some points there were excessive background description which I think was not required. Timeline shifting was a big challenge for the author because it creates confusion to the readers, but he dealt it very smoothly.

Honestly speaking, the second part was so much better that I could not put it down. Characterization, background description and story plot everything were up to the mark. I have fully enjoyed it as it was making more sense to me.

What all things I liked about the book

  • Present day story is the key stroke of the book, full of suspense and thrill, past days are good but has too many characters and I found it a bit slow.
  • I liked the modifications that has been done in the story of Maurya Empire.
  • The suspense that would hold the readers till the end and layer by layer revelation of mystery.

What all things I disliked about book

  • The number of pages could have been reduced, its really not an easy task to read 401 paged book.
  • In past days too many characters have been discussed which create confusion while reading and hence lead to weak story line. Many printing mistakes were there.

Reason to read it

  • If you are someone who like to read historical fiction with suspense, then it might be a good read for you.
  • If you are someone who like time travel stories then you may pick this up.

Any Reason to skip it

  • As I have already mentioned i.e. the number of pages, though the genre is mystery as well, but you will find it a bit difficult to finish, especially for beginners who just started reading.
  • I must say that the present day story line is really good, but there are a little confusions in past days' story due to too many characters.

My Ratings
I would like to rate 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Review of The Conspiracy Unknown Review of The Conspiracy Unknown Reviewed by Archana Singh on November 26, 2019 Rating: 5

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