Interview With Wonderful Author :Dr. Kisholoy Roy

I am going to share interview of Dr. Kisholoy Roy who has recently wrote a very heart touching book. You may check my review about his book "A Dog in the House" by clicking on the link below:

Let's read his thoughts on writing, what all projects he is currently working on and many more answers we would get from him?

Lets read his view

Dr. Kisholoy Roy

MyBookTours:    Tell us about yourself.

Kisholoy:  Myself a PhD in Management who has years of experience in teaching and research. I am also someone who has been into writing for about two decades now and I have written just not about Marketing management which is my professional domain but also fictions and non-fictions. Short stories are my favorite genre of writing.

MyBookTours:  Why did you choose writing and who inspires you to write?

Kisholoy: Writing to me comes effortlessly and it is something that allows me to express to the fullest extent. I often have hesitation to comment on certain individuals and things around me but when it comes to writing, I find myself feeling more liberated. Events happening around me inspire me.

MyBookTours:  Why did you choose to write on pets?

Kisholoy: Actually the book a Dog in the House is based on an almost real incident that happened to one of my relatives. The plot of this story thus came naturally to me

MyBookTours:    How much time did you take to write“A Dog in the house”?

Kisholoy: Considering my other commitments at a point of time, it took almost a week to write this book.

MyBookTours:  What all suggestions would you give to them who want to make their career in writing?

Kisholoy:Be honest to yourself and always do justice to the subject of your write up. Have a clear thought process before you initiate writing so that you do not get stuck midway.

MyBookTours:  Tell us about your book which you have written recently?
Kisholoy: As I mentioned earlier, A Dog in the House is almost based on a real life incident and I personally observed how a pet can turn the atmosphere of a house for good. How it can turn itself into the cynosure of a house within days. That is the theme of the book.

MyBookTours: What all challenges did you face when you were writing first novel?

Kisholoy:  I have not yet attempted a novel. Yes, I write short story collections, poems and non fictions based on certain important event on personality. Apart from two of my fictions, I have written a biographical account on Sourav Ganguly and M S Dhoni (Czars of the East) and on the famous India vs Australia Eden gardens test of March 2001, I wrote a book 11.03.2001-15.03.2001

MyBookTours:   Which is your favorite book and who is your favorite author?

Kisholoy: Well, I have a number of favorites. I like reading authors like R K Narayan, Ruskin Bond, Satyajit Ray. Also contemporary authors like Chetan Bhagat and Ravinder Singh.

MyBookTours:  Any project that you are currently working on?

Kisholoy: Yeah I am planning to work on two fictions that will be based on the sub-genre of Romance. I am presently in the process of developing the blue print for the books.

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