Review of A Dog in the House

Book review of A Dog in the House
Number of pages: 16

A Dog in the House

Summary of A Dog in the House

A Dog in the house is short story of an Indian family who lives in Kolkata, West Bengal. A Family of five members – Ajitabha Bhattacharya who is a retired professor, Sunanda (his wife), son Debalay, his daughter Sobhona and the most important member who was not liked by them initially, Popeye (male pug).
Ajitabha Bhattacharya had a great career as a professor and was very popular among his students, but on other hand Debalay was an average student who finds studies very difficult to understand and hence somehow completed his graduation. On the other hand, his daughter was a very bright student and completed her PhD from a very renowned university of West Bengal, but she had very serious eye problem.
Both of them understood that further studies are not their cup of tea, and so were sent to Bengaluru with lots of hopes. Somehow, Debalay secured a job, but then again the expense was more than what he was earning, so he decided to go back to his home town. But, soon he got placed in Hyderabad with a decent salary and further got married.
Everything was going good until Debalay gets terminated from the job unfortunately. As a result of this lots of conflict builds up between Debalay and his wife. Deblay’s wife gets annoyed so much that she decided to get divorced. On the other hand, Sobhona was neither able to find any teaching job nor any man of her interest which leads to adverse effect on her eyes. Because of all these odd situations, Sunanda had a brain hemorrhage.

Author tries to explain that instead of all the bad conditions of the family, how a pet can entirely change the situation, how the sad moments soon turned into happy and joyful moment for them, and how the most unwanted member of their family became the most wanted for them.

Review of A dog in the house

It’s a short but very beautifully written by the author. The book just contains 16 pages which again is a plus point. The language is very simple and easy to understand. If you ever have had a pet, then you would be able to relate it to your life. I was able to relate it as I too have a pet, sorry, had a pet. Unfortunately I lost her a week back. So, I can understand how these small creatures have so big impact in our lives that you won’t be able to forget them for your life. I so badly missed her.
Coming back to the review again, A dog in the house has less pages but has very deep meaning in it. It shows the true bonding between the owner and his/her pet, and also the unsaid love that they share.

My Dog in my house 😊

What all things I liked about the book

The best thing I liked is that when we say Love, we always think about the love between husband-wife, brother-sister, love between family members but never acknowledge this love, which author is trying to describe. I really liked that the author shifted his sight towards this unconditional, pure bonding.

Second good point about this book is the lesser number of pages it has. He has explained everything so well even in very few lines.

What all things I disliked about it

The book is about a dog, so according to me more incidents could have been discussed about Popeye so that readers could have connected with the dog more easily.

Reason to read it

Anyone could read this book, especially beginners due to its simple and easy narration and of course because of the lesser number of pages.

Any Reason to skip it

Honestly speaking, I don’t have any reason to skip it, the only reason would be if you don’t like to read this genre.

My Ratings:
I would like to rate 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Review of A Dog in the House Review of A Dog in the House Reviewed by Archana Singh on November 09, 2019 Rating: 5


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