The Silent Patient Review

The Silent Patient
By Alex Michaelides
Number of Pages: 339
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Release: Feb 2019

The Silent Patient Review

The Silent Patient Summary

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The silent patient is a psychological thriller written by Alex Michaelides. It’s a story of woman named Alicia and a psychiatrist Theo Faber who is around forty years old. Alicia was a painter and her husband Gabriel was a well-known fashion photographer. Six years ago Alicia’s husband was killed, and at the time of his murder there was nobody present at their home but Alicia, so she was accused of killing her husband and after that incident she never spoke and became like a solid statue for more than six years.

She refused to talk about anything, even when she was called as the murderer of her own husband. On contrary, the book has described a very strong relationship between her and her husband who were married for 7 years and shared a very strong bonding. But, the question arises why Alicia killed her loving husband and if she didn't kill him, then who killed him and why she refused to talk anything afterwards !!

On the other hand, Theo, a big fan of Alicia’s paintings (Alicia painted her master piece after the murder and that painting was taken out in the exhibition). Theo was also a part of the exhibition and after seeing her fine art and a mystery in her master piece, he became curios to know why she refused to talk and what could have happened that night !! To get the answer he decided to help Alicia and finally made her to talk (who hasn’t spoken a single word in last six years) but instead of that Theo gave interview in the same place where Alicia was being treated and got selected.
Many unanswered questions would get resolved if you read the books for example
Who killed her husband?
Why she refused to talk after murder?
What was the mystery behind her master piece?
Did the painting have any clue about the murder?
Who killed her husband, if at all she, then why she did that?

To get all these answers, Theo joined The Grove where Alicia’s treatment was going on. After his research Theo came to know many things about Alicia and found that they have one thing in common i.e. both were accused by their father in their childhood. Alicia was blamed by her father for killing her Mom, though her mother was killed in an accident. As the layers reveals one by one, more and more question may arise in readers mind.

The Silent Patient Review

It was a debut by the author, and instead of that the story has pace and a perfect thriller that I couldn’t put it down without completing. I have finished this book in a day. The Silent patient book has the capability to let you arise at night as well. Due to its suspense the book has great holding capacity till the end. One of the best thrillers I have read this year. Honestly, everyone was suggesting this book to read and after reading it I understood the reason why is it so on demand.

Author simultaneously plots both the main characters(Alicia and Theo) personal story and shows how both were accused in their childhood and why Theo decided to take the in charge of Alicia’s treatment. Theo was narrating his story about his loving wife and how they met and got married, and at the same time Alicia’s story was going on, but the unveiling of Theo’s secrets and Alicia’s secrets are most jaw dropping part of the book but they are avoidable for sure.

The Silent Patient Review

The book is more than just a twist, and even if you come to know about the mystery there are lot many interesting things to read. While reading I was trying to guess but all my guesses were wrong. Writer has smartly created doubts on the people who were closely related to Alicia. As the story move towards end, you will find more than 5 suspects, and as the end is unpredictable you will stick to the book and would be curious to know what happened that night.

Honestly speaking, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Pace of the narration was steadily moving, never too fast or too slow.  The only thing which I didn’t like was that in few events you will find very less background information about the characters and the scenes, where action to be happened has been described, so for me it was a bit difficult to imagine the characters and the scenes that were discussed.

What all things I liked about the book

  • The book nails the ending, full of suspense and surprises.
  • Since the pace was steady so this was a quick read for me.
  • The way author tried to deviate us and portray all the supporting characters very smartly.

What all things I disliked about it
  • As discussed above, the only thing which I disliked is about the background information which was lacking in some events and same for some characters and hence facing a bit difficulty in envisaging the whole situation.

Reason to read it
  • If you like psychological thriller which has a good pace, then this would be quick fun for you.
  • You may read it because of its mind-blowing twisty revelation and conclusion.  

Reason to skip it
  • Honestly, I have no reason to skip it but only if you don’t like the genre.

My Ratings:
I would like to rate 4.5 out of 5 stars for The Silent Patient.

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The Silent Patient Review The Silent Patient Review Reviewed by Archana Singh on October 31, 2019 Rating: 5

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