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Today I am going to share interview of Mr. Mithilesh Kumar who has recently wrote a very beautiful book. You may check my review about his book "SuperCop of Aryavrat" by clicking on the link below:

Let's read his thoughts on writing, what made him to choose writing and of course what all suggestion he would like to give to them who want to start their career in writing?

So, before going to read his views, I would like to give a short introduction about Mr. Mithilesh Kumar.

About Mr. Mithilesh : Author of SuperCop of Aryavrat

Author Mithilesh Kumar

Mithilesh is basically from Bihar, but currently settled down in Delhi. He has also served Government of Bihar and then Central Government. Recently he wrote "SuperCops of Aryavrat".

Lets now read Mithelish's views

MyBookTours:  Tell us about yourself.

Mithilesh: — From a small town boy of Bihar to a 67 year young man of Delhi, I remain contented, and happy. I keep on regularly visiting my roots and also Pennsylvania in the USA where my elder son is settled. Well, after schooling from my home place, I did my bachelor’s from Patna and master’s from Izatnagar, U. P. After that I worked in the Govt. of Bihar and while working, appeared for Civil Service Exam, and got selected in Customs. I have lived in various parts of the country besides in the UK where I went on deputation. Hence I got good exposure of various peoples and cultures and I feel fortunate for that. On my home front I am a family man, happily married, and a proud parent and grandparent of lovely children.

MyBookTours: Why did you choose writing and who inspires you to write?

Mithilesh: Writing is a slightly monotonous job. In spite of that it has always been my hobby because besides the pleasure of creativity it gives me immense satisfaction. So after attaining sixty when I retired I wanted to start a full-fledged second inning of life through writing, and SuperCop of ARYAVRAT is the first venture in that direction.
 With regard to inspiration, I’m like a self-start bike. I like travelling by train, meeting people, talking to them, knowing their stories and also making observations. Besides, stories and plots keep on coming in my mind and I keep on perfecting them continuously. These are all my inspirations. 

MyBookTours: Why did you choose to write on Shri Krishna?

Mithilesh: — Valmiki was a contemporary of Shri Ram. He wrote the Ramayana that is the most authentic life story of Shri Ram. Later, great poets of different languages wrote books on him, keeping mostly Valmiki’s epic in mind. We keep Ramayana or another book on Shri Ram at home, and worship the Lord as well as the book. On the contrary, Vedvyas, a contemporary of Shri Krishna, did not feel writing on the latter’s life that spanned for more than 125 years and 6 months and that remained as the pivot of most of the happenings of the Aryavrat of those days. Had he written it, it’d have been Shri Krishna’s most authentic story. Instead, he used all his wisdom and skill writing a book on the 18-day war, the Mahabharata that we do not keep at home; keeping it at home is considered inauspicious. — Due to this very reason, we do not know many aspects of Shri Krishna’s life unlike Shri Ram’s. Through my book I have tried to give words to the complete life story of one of our most illustrious ancestors, Shri Krishna, that too from his own perspective.

Author Mithilesh Kumar

MyBookTours: How many months did you take to write SuperCop of ARYAVRAT?

Mithilesh: — Since the time I thought of the idea of writing a book on Shri Krishna, it took me three-four years, reading about him from all the sources I could lay my hands on, then understanding various episodes of his life from realistic point of view, then deciphering the modern names of the kingdoms and cities of those days, and lastly drawing out the detailed plot. After that the job was easy. Giving words to all that and the book was ready.

MyBookTours: What all suggestions would you give to them who want to make their career in writing?

Mithilesh: — Be an avid reader and a keen observer of people and events around you. Make a habit of taking notes. Now if possible, zero in on a particular genre and then, read as many books of that genre as you can. I know each one of us has some story to tell. Determine to tell that story to the world. Now keep 6Ps for writing a good novel in mind. Plot, Prose, Practice, Perseverance, Patience, Perfection — each one with excellence. After the book is ready, look for the publishers/literary agents of your genre. Go to their websites and write to them, along with their specific requirements, e. g. synopsis, great forwarding letter, a few chapters, etc. A new author will get many rejections. But s/he must keep on trying, remaining positive that one day you will do find a proper publisher/literary agent and then, your career in writing starts taking shape.   

MyBookTours: Tell us about your book which you have written recently?

Mithilesh: — I am thinking of sending another quality book, in another genre to the publisher. A light read, a story of two boys and a girl, studying together in class XI in a Mumbai school, their small, small mischiefs, making readers nostalgic of their own adolescence, and smile and laugh all through.

MyBookTours:  What all challenges did you face when you were writing SuperCop of ARYAVRAT?

Mithilesh: — The idea was in my mind since long. But researching on anything, any incident is not easy. That too when the story is more than five thousand years old. Besides when by the passage of time many incidents get the shape of miracles. But when you have the will, you find the way and no power on earth can stop you.

MyBookTours: Which is your favourite book and who is your favourite author?

Mithilesh: Many, of various genres. Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, Jeffrey Archer’s A Prisoner of Birth and Only Time will Tell. Three simple and thought-provoking novels, Paulo Ceolho’s The Alchemist, Gita Mehta’s A River Sutra and Robin Sharma’s The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Ashwin Sanghi’s The Rozabal Line, Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone that inspired millions to read English novels in India, Amish’s The Immortals of Meluha that proved the biggest event in the mythological thriller category, etc. In Hindi, Premchand, K. M. Munshi, Bhagawati Charan Verma, Acharya Chatursen, Shivani, Bankim Chandra, Sharat Chandra, etc.

MyBookTours: Any project that you are currently working on? 

Mithilesh: — My mind keeps on working on one story or another, then plotting, and then perfecting them. 

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  1. It was very nice.... The reviewer did a good job.... while reading the review, I got a clear picture about what actually author wants to convey to the audience.. Good work....


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